We’ve Got Sole is a contemporary sneaker and streetwear company that showcases the most sought-after sneakers and streetwear products curated from our online collection.
Our team of experts have been in the sneaker industry for several years, bringing together a wealth of industry experience to provide the very best products for our customers.
We’ve Got Sole was formed in 2018, after realising there was a huge demand for sneakers which fits in perfectly with an ever-growing social media culture. Our ultimate aim is to combine our experience and passion to establish an online presence that provides high-end quality products for our consumers, with world-class efficiency. Not only are we a curator of fashionable, quality products, it is also the destination for professionalism, honesty, creativity and an unwavering passion for all things sneakers! We can guarantee we will go the extra mile for you to help you get what you want.
Through the shared culture and love for a street style and sneakers, we connect with our customers knowing full well that nothing beats the feeling of having a new pair of comfortable, stylish sneakers, whether you like to go for a classic look, something simple, elegant or modern.
Come and explore our well-rounded collection of lifestyle and sportswear sneakers for both men and women, where we’re sure you’ll find a pair or two that’s just right for you.